Advisor ISO/IEC 81346 – Arnhem


A Reference Designation System (RDS) = ISO/IEC 81346 standard series. The 81346 standard is a horizontal standard within ISO and IEC, and thereby a reference document for all other international standards. RDS identifies systems and their elements. A reference designation (a TAG number) is the output of RDS. The TAG numbers act as labels for the system and the system elements, and are used for instant and unambiguous recognition across different kinds of documentation and labelling of tangible products as well as non- tangible products such as different models in a software tool. RDS is an international “naming convention” designed for systems and their elements and a practical technique to underpin a common understanding among different disciplines

  • You are co-responsible for TenneT’s internal rules for item designation specification (IDS);
  • You pay attention to the various requirements from projects, asset management and maintenance, as well as aspects of occupational and system safety;
  • Together with German and Dutch colleagues, you will ensure that processes interact optimally with the use of the equipment labeling / reference designation system. In doing so, you take on the interests of various stakeholders and implement them in the best possible way;
  • You design the transition from existing systems for equipment identification to the application of the current ISO / IEC 81346 series;
  • You document the rules that apply to TenneT and train internal and external colleagues at TenneT and TenneT’s contractors, including their subcontractors, to use them;
  • Internal stakeholders are the LPO, GFO and maintenance departments.


  • You have successfully completed your studies (Uni / FH / BA) with a diploma / master’s degree, preferably in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or a similar field of study;
  • You are familiar with Building Information Management (BIM) and/or Systems Engineering;
  • You have several years of professional experience in the operation and labeling of technical assets. Ideally, you are familiar with the special requirements of a transmission system operator;
  • You have extensive knowledge of the relevant standards and norms (especially ISO / IEC 81346) and are ideally networked in standardization bodies;
  • Your analytical thinking enables you to analyze processes, grasp problems and develop solutions for them;
  • You communicate confidently in spoken English, ideally you have knowledge of Dutch or German;
  • A cooperative and team-oriented working style is important to you.


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