Consulting Services

  • Management Consulting

    We provide strategic consulting for decision support, organisational improvement and operative execution. We advise top management in areas of project management and procurement. Effective development and execution of large and complex capital investments requires a broad understanding of the political, technical, commercial and legal processes involved in different types of projects in different types of industries.
  • Project Management Tools

    Efficient Project Management requires the use of tools and processes that are fit for the purpose. We implement processes for initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing projects, as well as deploying Project Management IT tools, either in-house or Cloud based.

Sectors we serve

  • Energy (oil and gas, renewable, nuclear)
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Buildings and property
  • Defence
  • Health and education
  • IT and Telecom
  • Organisational development
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Manufacturing industry

Management Consulting

Management Consulting provides strategic and operational expertise in project management and procurement, ranging from business definition to execution and across technical, commercial and legal disciplines. We supply our customers in different industries with:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Third party analyses
  • Organizational improvement
  • Key professional resources

We provide owners and management with corporate level advice on risk management, project portfolio management, project development model and decision gate requirements, project management office, supply chain management, corporate project execution and contracting strategies, project governance principles and project reviews, market analyses, cost-benefit analyses, sustainability and financial viability and more. We also provide advice on project or contract level on execution and contract strategies, project execution plan, project organization, benchmarking, project control basis, cost and time management, risk management, expectation management and more.

Customers include private and public enterprises that develop and execute different types of large and complex projects:

  • Engineering and Construction projects
  • Procurement projects
  • ICT project
  • Organizational development projects
Our expertise covers
  • Project Management
    • Governance and portfolio management
    • Risk and opportunity management
    • Business case development
    • Project development and concept selection
    • Project execution strategies
    • Project contracting strategies
    • Program and project management
  • Procurement Management
    • Supply chain management
    • Corporate contracting strategies
    • Corporate procurement
    • Project procurement
    • Public procurement regulations
    • Consulting and outsourcing

Project Management Tools

Project Management Office

We assist our customers in establishing a project management office (PMO), designed to support and manage project delivery. We identify the tasks and responsibilities of the PMO, create a development roadmap, and build standardized processes for managing projects effectively.

Project Portfolio Management

We will define the requirements for portfolio management and establish methods for aligning projects with strategic objectives. Creating a standardized project lifecycle with decision gates will provide visibility and control.

Project Management Processes and Tools

Efficient project management requires the use of tools and processes that are fit for the purpose. We will implement processes for initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing projects, as well as deploying project management tools, either in-house or Cloud based, that support the processes and fit into existing IT architecture.

Our experise covers
  • Project and Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management Office
  • Project Management Processes
  • Project Control standards
  • Project Resource Management
  • Training Project Personnel
  • Project Health Checks
  • Coaching & Facilitation
  • Project Management Tools, in-house or SaaS
  • Hosting services

Effective development and execution of major investment projects