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The Master Scheduler is part of the maintenance department. 

The overall responsibility of the department is to maintain the plant and the supporting facilities according legal and industry standards in a cost efficient manner, amongst others:

  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Develop risk based and cost efficient preventative maintenance plans
  • Analyse of failures from maintenance management system
  • Initiate and support improvement activities

The role of the Master Scheduler is to set up and coordinate a weekly schedule.


The Master Scheduler coordinates planning, scheduling, cost estimating, resource planning and hiring/outsourcing capacity for maintenance work and projects or unit shutdowns.


  • Functional lead employees of work preparation
  • Review work packages
  • Develop and maintain standard jobs & planning processes
  • Ensure that planners are provided with the necessary tools to succeed
  • Develop and maintain weekly schedule
  • Report daily progress
  • Super-user role
  • Setting up and maintain training material
  • Training/teaching all BIO+ users
  • Maintain workorder process
  • NONL point of contact of global schedule tools such as Planet, Safran
  • Detailed knowledge of BIO+, Acces, Excel, BIO doc.
  • Develop and measures KPI’s for all disciplines
  • Backlog, priorities, utilization, schedule compliance
  • Have detailed knowledge of manufacturing planning, master integral scheduling, materials re-quirements planning, capacity requirements planning shop floor control, warehousing, transpor-tation, and purchasing business functions 
  • Understand standard enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Recognising important information, linking data, devising alternative solutions and indicating the consequences.
  • Working with others towards a common goal
  • Understand the dynamics of effective teamwork in order to attain higher levels of performance
  • Examining situations and processes over time, identifying problems and systematically dealing with these keeping in mind the consequences.
  • Communicating effectively, keeping in mind the level of the parties with whom one is com-municating
  • Aligns own activities within team and department and provides support to colleagues without being asked. 
  • Managing, establishing, reviewing, and maintaining an integral master schedule
  • Coordinate capacity and material planning
  • Update BIO+ transactions
  • Provides a transparent overview of overall performance workorder management and schedule compliance KPI’s


Education / experience

  • At least an MBO+ level of working and thinking with minimum 10 years of relevant experience.
  • Knowledge of related maintenance and planning/scheduling disciplines.


  • ERP, schedule/planning and administrative processes 

Interactive skills

  • communicating at various levels, from the management level to the operational level
  • excellent communication skills


Dovre Group is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications from anyone meeting the requirements for this position.

Reference number

22 285


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Closing date

2020-05-09 12:00:00
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