Turnaround QA/QC Lead (Maintenance)

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  • Project Management

    Project Engineer

    Rogaland, Norway
    • Assist the IPL PM in establishing a project management information system for the planning improvement project portfolio • Coordinate the
  • Project Management

    Contract Worker - Technical Authority Coordinator

    Rogaland, Norway
    Coordinate and follow up deviations to applicable standard during Project with regards to Base Organization´s TA review and approvals. Coordinate


The Turnaround QAQC Lead is a member of the Quality Assurance & Authority Engineering team.

The QA & AE team is responsible for ensuring the quality of work and compliance with statutory requirements in pro-jects and modifications, turnarounds, and in operations and maintenance (business-as-usual).

On a daily basis, the Turnaround QAQC Lead will be assigned as member of the Turnaround team for prep-aration and execution of shutdowns and turnarounds.


Reports to: Functional Manager: Supervisor AE; Work manager

Turnaround Manager Provides leadership to: QC engineers, Document Controllers (during turnarounds and shutdowns)

Job Purpose:

The TA QAQC Lead is responsible for starting up the refinery without any leaks or delays, and to ensure that all turnaround works comply with statutory requirements and regulations. The result areas of the TA QAQC Lead are:

  • Quality Assurance;
  • Authority Engineering;
  • Competence verification and training of contractor staff;
  • Quality Control;
  • Document Control;
  • Handover Coordination;
  • Evaluation and Improvement.


Quality Assurance

  • Provide input into RFQ’s and Contracts to ensure that Contrac-tors are being made aware regarding the QAQC, staff compe-tence, and Document Control requirements in the quotation stage;
  • Define QA Focus Areas, such
    as: Flanged Connections, Competence of Contractor staff, Instrumentation Loop
  • Develop the Turnaround QAQC
    Plan to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and company standards of
    all TA scope items;
  • Create the QAQC
    Implementation Schedule based on the TA QAQC Plan and monitor the execution of
    all implementation activities;
  • Review and alignment of the
    Contractor Project Execution Plans with the Neste Turnaround QAQC Plan;
  • Define Audits, Inspections,
    and Pre-Inspection Meetings;
  • Configuration of Roser for
    QC: Define hold- & witness points in job templates and work packages,
    develop QAQC Basic List, define punch item categories;
  • Define the QAQC organisation
    for the preparation phase and the execution phase, and define the associated
  • Define the Non-conformity
    reporting system
  • Define the QAQC meeting and reporting structure.

Pressure Equipment:

Ensure that all relevant TA scope items are in compliance with Pressure Equipment Directive and Warenwetbesluit Drukapparatuur (WBDA):


Classification of the works (repair, minor modification, major modification, new


Design Appraisals;


Pre-Inspection Meetings and witnessing of fabrication;


Witnessing of field works and hydro-testing;


Final inspection and Keuring voor Ingebruikname (KVI)


Ensure that all associated documentation has been received / issued on-time: design
approvals, vendor data books and manufacturing data reports, declarations of
conformity, certificates of conformity, KVI-reports, Vergunningen voor
Ingebruikname (VvI);


Ensure that all electrical equipment installed in a hazardous are is in compliance with ATEX-regulations: 

  • Detailed inspections to be performed on all new/repaired elec-trical equipment / instrumentation, and on all overhauled ac-tuated valves;
  • Close inspections to be performed on all electrical and instru-mentation assistance scope items;

Competence verification:

Apply three work processes to ensure that only competent personnel will be allowed to work on site during a turnaround, and that they are aware of the Neste work procedures:

  • Verification of staff certification (all disciplines);
  • Verification of staff competence: welders, flange technicians, and instrumentation technicians;
  • Training of staff on the relevant procedures and work instrucitions.

Quality Control

  • Review the quality of the work packages prepared by TA Plan-ning group;
  • Perform audits and inspections on the quality systems and document control of all contractors;
  • Witness the fabrication of spools by piping contractors;
  • Witness the fabrication of equipment / skids by vendors, in-cluding Factory Acceptance Tests;
  • Link QAQC Basic List items to each scope item in Roser; Execution Phase:
  • Ensure witnessing of all hold points by the QAQC-group, In-spection, and other staff;
  • Assist Field Supervisors in assessing the quality of the works;
  • Monitor the work methods of Contractor staff and intervene where required;
  • Inspect the document control of Contractors;
  • Monitor the development of the recorded Punch Items and in-tervene in the work processes if required;
  • Monitor the quality of the Completion Packages, especially re-lated to Projects and welding activities;
  • Ensure the registration and follow-up of deviations from the Neste Specifications, Procedures and Work Instructions in the form of Non-Conformity Reports.

Document Control

  • Maintain an overview of all approved material certificates;
  • Registration, verification and filing of all Vendor Data Books and Completion Packages;
  • Maintaining the register of Authorised Signatories and the issue of the associated stamps;
  • Recording of all Job Completions in Roser;
  • Recording of all Punch Items in Roser and the distribution of the Punch Item reports;
  • Ensuring an up-to-date administration in relation to document control. At all times, the status and location of a required document needs to be known;
  • The organisation, supervision and training of the document controllers;
  • Ensuring effective interface between Neste and all other parties in relation to document control;
  • The digitisation of all Completion Packages and handover to Inspection, Maintenance, and Engineering (for as-built processing).

Handover Coordination

  • Monitoring the progress of operational systems (SBS) nearing the stage of completion;
  • Being convinced by TA DocControl that completion packages are complete and in order;
  • Issuing Handover Certificates for each operational system as formal release to Operations for commencing the Commissioning;
  • Chairing the daily meeting for discussing and handling the deficiencies (punch items) identified during Commissioning;
  • Support the TA Manager in the preparation of the Pre Start up Safety Reviews (status of scope items, punch reports, access to completion packages, etc.).

and improvement

  • Maintain a register of lessons learned / improvement areas during the TA preparation phase and TA execution phase with input from all QAQC-staff;
  • Analyse the punch items (types, disciplines, etc.) to determine future focus areas; 
  • Evaluation of the actual QAQC performance vs. the objectives.


Level of working and thinking: Bachelor of engineering / science

Education / experience

  • Bachelor in electrical, instrumentation or mechanical engineering
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in turnarounds and projects of the petrochemical plants.
  • Languages: Proficient in Dutch and English (written and spoken)

Interactive skills 

  • Good communicating skills at various levels, from management to operational level;
  • Being able to steer and coach contractor teams to ensure or enhance the desired level of quality.
  • Being able to chair QAQC-meetings with contractors
  • Capable of giving clear presentations to all levels of staff, from technicians to management.


Dovre Group is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications from anyone meeting the requirements for this position.

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21 835


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