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18th March 2015 - Greatest professionals
“For those who have the right attitude, are willing to work hard and constantly build on their capabilities, the opportunities are endless.”

From the 57 °C heat of Oman to a -72 °C chill on the North Slope in Alaska, Canadian-born Billi Husband has really chalked up rock-solid experience in the oil & gas field. “Once it’s in your blood, it’s there.” he says, “The opportunities are endless if you put your mind to it.”

As a supervisor specialized in completions and workovers, Billi started in the 1980s on the rigs, then moving onto the service sector, providing cement, downhole tools and a multitude of other services to oil companies. For 34 years, he worked his way up the ranks from entry level and collected invaluable experience along the way. 

“In a normal job, if you’ve worked for 10 to 12 companies, they’d wonder what’s wrong with you. In the oil & gas business, it’s considered well-rounded experience,” he laughs. “For those who have the right attitude, are willing to work hard and constantly build on their capabilities, there is no shortage of jobs.”

Contributing to Billi’s success are his communication skills, his way of treating others with respect and his ability to adjust to different cultures around the world. Thanks to this, he’s had many opportunities to work on high profile wells where it is crucial to be able to communicate with people of various nationalities and languages to get the job done. “The focus has got to be on keeping everybody safe,” he stresses. 

He says that his ability to work his way up from entry level to the position of a specialized supervisor is one of his greatest achievements. He’s worked in a supervisory role for Glencore E&P, ExxonMobil, MEG Energy Corp., and Andarko Petroleum, among others. Also, it was a special honor to be chosen to work on the North Slope deep gas exploratory well project for Andarko Petroleum in Alaska. “That project in particular required a lot of experience, which I could bring from the many deep, high-pressure wells I’ve worked on in Canada. I also really appreciate the fact that I’ve been awarded with Dovre’s title of the 3rd Greatest Oil & Gas Professional in the world,” he says. 

Besides golfing, which demands a lot of time, Billi enjoys spending time with his wife and their four daughters. Family has always been important. When he started working, his father always told him that success comes from applying yourself. 

“You can get anything you want if you put your mind to it. Be passionate and pay attention. Learn from your mistakes. This business is one of the dirtiest jobs with lots of hard work and sacrifice. But if you want it bad enough – go get it!” he encourages.

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