Complete your Dovre Club profile for triple benefits

18th October 2015 - News
Exciting job opportunities, a professional-looking CV and Dovre Club rewards.

Dovre Club, our exclusive club for project professionals, does not only help you to find your next project job, but also rewards you for being an active member. 

Make sure to complete your profile and to keep it up-to-date, so our system is able to suggest the most relevant job opportunities for you the moment they become available. For the time you spend on completing and updating your profile, we will reward you with Dovre Club points. You can use your Dovre Club points to redeem exclusive rewards or chances to participate in our monthly Dovre Draws

Dovre Club also allows you to create easily and quickly a professional-looking CV. Your resume is generated automatically based on your Dovre Club profile information. Simply ensure you have entered all your information, and you will always have a professional-looking and up-to-date resume at hand. Any change you make in your profile will be automatically updated to your resume.

The Dovre Club CV tool allows you to choose between different resume layouts, such as European, US and Canadian standard. In addition, you have the opportunity to customize your resume by adding your profile picture or other selected information.

Complete your profile to receive exciting job opportunities, get a professional-looking CV and earn Dovre Club points!

Not yet a Dovre Club member? Learn more about the exclusive Dovre Club benefits and register for free.

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