Rio Madeira, the longest transmission link in the world

28th October 2015 - Facts
The 2,375 km power transmission link connects Porto Velho with Araraquara, São Paolo.

The Rio Madeira high voltage direct current (HVDC) link is a 6,300 MW ± 600 kV high voltage direct current transmission system in Brazil built to export electricity from two hydropower plants in the northwest of the country to São Paolo, Brazil’s main economic center. With a distance of 2,375 km, the Rio Madeira link is the longest transmission link in the world.

The system includes two 3,150 MW HVDC converter stations and an 800 MW HVDC back-to-back station. The two 3,150 MW converter stations are placed at either end of the transmission link, delivering electricity from the hydropower plants on the Madeira River near Porto Velho in the northwest of Brazil to the southeast near the city of São Paolo. The 800 MW back-to-back station is located in the northwest of Brazil transmitting power to the surrounding AC network.

The Rio Madeira transmission link is the second 600 kV HVDC transmission system in Brazil. The Itaipu HVDC project built in the mid 80’s is the country’s first transmission system with a length of 1590 km.

Source: ABB

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