Launch of recruitment tool and employee rewards program

17th October 2013 - Press releases
Dovre Group aims to challenge traditional recruitment and speed of response practices in the oil & gas and large projects industries by launching a novel recruitment tool and employee rewards program for global Project Personnel business.

Dovre Group, a global provider of specialized project management services for the energy sector, has launched an invite-only high-reward loyalty and service program, Dovre Club, for project professionals in the oil & gas and large projects industries. The program aims to streamline the project industries’ recruitment process by enabling a smoother allocation of resources to requested projects while also improving the level of service for candidates and clients alike.

“Internet and digital technologies are reshaping all industries and processes, including recruitment and staffing. With our new Dovre Club, we are utilizing these technologies to move away from old-fashioned staffing procedures and pioneer services as the new industry standard that puts project professionals in the center”, comments Mikko Marsio, SVP for Business Development at Dovre Group’s Project Personnel business.

The program marks the most advanced effort to modernize traditional recruitment and staffing management processes in large projects industries. It aims to change the perception of highly specialized project professionals from candidates for hire to members of an exclusive high-rewards club. First of all club is about industry leading service experience, secondly club members receive compelling rewards for keeping their profile information up-to-date as well as for referring jobs and colleagues to join the program. Based on cooperation with Edenred, a global world class outsourcing partner for the rewards program, members will be able to redeem their benefits from Edenred’s extensive global rewards catalogue.

Structured as an online module, the program is accessible through Dovre Group’s website. The module is intuitive to use and easily accessible from any device. Dovre Group’s co-operation with LinkedIn is visible in the club as well allowing registered users to pull data from their LinkedIn profiles to speed up profile building.

“The program is a win-win solution for candidates, our project personnel and clients alike,” says Mr. Marsio. “For our current and potential employees, Dovre Club offers a unique network and service that brings concrete results in exchange for the effort they put into keeping their profiles up-to-date. Having information like this at our fingertips will enable us to respond to client requests eventually within hours, which is much faster than the current industry standard.”

The program was first launched internally in June and will now be made available for the global community of oil & gas professionals, particularly those operating in USA, Canada, Norway and the Middle-East initially. With global coverage, the platform is first of its kind in the oil & gas and large projects industries.

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