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17th February 2015 - Blogs
The world of recruiting is changing as new technologies and tools become available. Social and mobile recruiting are nowadays playing a major role in the search for talent.
Posted by Sabine Doms

Marketing Manager

Recruiting companies have been withdrawing their focus from online job boards and corporate career websites. Instead social networks have become a top source for recruiting quality candidates. 

According to The Jobvite 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, 93% of recruiters use or plan to use social media for hiring. More than 70% of companies stated that they are planning to invest more in social recruiting in 2015. And more than 50% of companies are planning to increase investments in mobile recruiting.

Source: The Jobvite 2014 Social Recruiting Survey

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has become the most important social professional network. With more than 347 million users in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and an indispensible tool for recruiters to manage the potential pool of candidates.

And with 50.5% of LinkedIn users having a complete profile and most users spending up to two hours every week on the network, recruiters love LinkedIn. 97% of all HR and staffing professionals are using LinkedIn in their recruiting efforts and 89% of recruiters have filled one or more positions using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has had a major influence on the recruitment industry. And it does not only offer recruiters alternative methods to find and reach out to talent, but it also gives job seekers the possibility to enhance their visibility and credibility, find exciting jobs and manage their personal network. However, also other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook play an increasingly important role.

With the recruitment industry becoming more and more digital, it is essential for job seekers to have their information online and available for recruiters. Especially in industries where competition for jobs is expected to be higher during 2015, a professional and complete online profile is a competitive advantage and makes candidates more attractive for recruiters.

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