New Rewards Catalogue out now!

28th May 2015 - News
How about redeeming a great experience for yourself or your loved ones?

If you are one of our employed Dovre Club members in Canada, take a look at our recently refreshed Rewards Catalogue packed with over 100 exclusive items. 

Do you feel like enjoying some pampering in the Elmwood Spa, Canada's favorite urban oasis? Escape from your daily stresses at the soothing fingertips of a Registered Massage Therapist or forget your cares in the warmth of a swirling therapeutic whirlpool bath. All this and more awaits you in a tranquil atmosphere of relaxation and seclusion.

Or do you rather want to go wild and take off into the sky? Experience a flying session by Try That{!} and take control of a Cessna 172 with your instructor by your side. Your experience begins with an introduction to the pre-flight safety checks. After that you'll board the aircraft and go through a series of ground checks. Your instructor will then help you to taxi the aircraft into position, and once you have the all-clear from the tower, you will start the run-up and fly away!

Login to Dovre Club to discover all reward opportunities in your location.* 

Not yet a member? Dovre Club, our exclusive club for project professionals, does not only help you to find your next project job, but also rewards you for being an active member. Apply for a membership today and start earning club points immediately!

*All our Dovre Club members are entitled to participate in the monthly Dovre Draws, and once you become an employee or contractor of Dovre Group you will have full access to our Rewards Catalogue.

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