Safran Project integrated with 3D design software

24th November 2011 - Press releases
Successful integration of Safran Project and Cadmatic Oy’s 3D plant and ship design software.

Dovre Group’s Software division announces the successful integration of its flagship product, Safran Project, and Cadmatic Oy’s 3D plant and ship design software.

The integrated solution provides a full 4D tool demonstrating the benefits and possibilities of a combined scheduling, time management, and 3D design software for large scale projects. 

“By integrating Safran Project and Cadmatic’s 3D software, we can now offer our customers a new level of visibility in project execution. Both project management software and 3D modeling software are vital applications in the disciplines of planning, execution, risk mitigation, and cost reduction, especially in complex, large scale projects,” says Øyvind Røberg, Head of Safran’s R&D. “We are excited about bringing the solution to the market and looking forward to working with clients in order to identify key opportunities for integrated project management design software.” 

“Safran Project is currently the industry standard within the Nordic oil & gas sector. The integration of Safran Project and Cadmatic’s design software adds to our competitive advantage in the market,” says Juha Pennanen, Head of Dovre Group’s Software division. 

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