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24th February 2015 - Blogs
How social networks support your career in the oil and gas industry
Posted by Sabine Doms

Marketing Manager

With the recruiting industry becoming more and more digitized, it is essential for job seekers to have their information available online for recruiters. Especially in industries where competition for jobs is expected to be higher during 2015, a professional and complete online profile is a competitive advantage and makes candidates more attractive for recruiters.

Thanks to the digital age, recruiters are nowadays more proactive than ever to find the best talent. Today, the recruiting job relies heavily on using social networks, primarily LinkedIn, to find, connect and keep in touch with relevant candidates. Not having a digital profile results in not being visible to recruiters when they are looking online for a suitable candidate to fill a position. In addition, candidates without a LinkedIn profile tend to be seen as less credible by recruiters.

No matter whether we are talking about long-term work engagements or short-term work engagements, such as project jobs, a professional and complete online profile gives job seekers the possibility to enhance their visibility and credibility towards recruiters.

With the oil price remaining low and oil companies reducing spending by cutting workforce and delaying projects, the competition for jobs in the oil and gas industry is expected to be exceptionally high in 2015.

Even though recruiters in the oil and gas industry are following the trend and are heavily investing in social recruiting, we have witnessed that oil and gas professionals have not yet discovered the potential of social networks to support their careers. LinkedIn, the most important social professional network, has more than 347 million members in over 200 countries, but only 1% of its members specify to work in the oil and energy industry.

Make sure to take advantage of social networks to advance your career in the oil and gas industry. Why would you hide your professional information instead of promoting it online, globally available and 24/7 visible? You don’t want to miss out on an exciting opportunity just because recruiters were not able to find you on LinkedIn.

So, if you haven’t done yet, create your profile on LinkedIn. And if you have already a profile on LinkedIn, make sure you are the first to be found by recruiters when a suitable position is to be filled.

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