Senior Engineer Package Responsible Engineer – Lysaker


Work Location: Lysaker
Contract Period: ASAP – May 2022


The assignment to the role as Senior Engineer/Package Responsible Engineer (PRE) within a project will normally be given by the Project Lead Engineer/Project Engineering Manager together with the relevant Engineering Discipline Manager.
The PRE will be responsible for the technical follow up of a procurement package in the project, assisted by the Package Responsible Buyer (PRB). The commercial responsibility lies with the Project Manager.
The responsibilities of the PRE are, but not limited to:
Prior to selection of Vendor:
• Within the planned date in the Master Document Schedule, issue a Technical Specification (scope of work) to the purchaser who will start the Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Invitation to Tender Process (ITT).
• Define the Subcontractor Master Document Register (SMDR) together with the Project Lead Engineer.
• Technical evaluation of all tenders received.
• Technical clarifications to all tenders, as required.
• Technical recommendation of the preferred tender together with the relevant Engineering Discipline Manager/Supervisor.
• Participate in initial Package Criticality Rating.

After selection of Vendor:
• Become a single point of contact for the Subcontractor, and take responsibility for the package after kick-off meeting has been performed.
• Participate in Kick-off meeting.
• Arrange Supplier Criticality Assessment (SCA) and update the Supplier Criticality Rating.
• Follow-up and review of subcontractor documentation submitted to company. Define the Subcontractor Verification Responsible Matrix (SVRM) in the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) in cooperation with the Project Lead Engineer. Ensure together with the Project Lead Engineer, that expertise is included in the review as required (e.g. engineers from other disciplines not covered by the PRE, such materials engineer, engineering department etc).
• Review and comment on the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP).
Cooperate with the QS responsible in execution and reporting of the QS activities, follow-up and plan/perform inspections.
• Receive and inspect Goods as relevant for the package, e.g Company Provided Items (CPI).
• Review Subcontractor weekly/monthly reports.
• Provide regular feedback to the Project Management Team (PMT).
• Report any potential input to VORs, such as impact to the cost or schedule to the PMT.
• Ensure that the Goods are delivered to the correct recipient, undamaged and with the documentation as defined in the BMS.
• Responsible for technical aspects of vendors auditing, and for supplying technical input in the “Vendor Feedback Reports”.
• Responsible for as-built documentation delivery.


• Engineering Degree (M.Sc., B.Sc. or equivalent).
• Good verbal and written English.
• 2 years relevant engineering experience.
• Technical competencies: Metallic Materials and Welding. MSc/BSc within materials engineering


Dovre Group is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications from anyone meeting the requirements for this position.


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