QC Inspector – Sharjah


The Quality Specialist is responsible under the general direction of Quality Representative / Manager to promote and enhance the quality awareness within the project teams including Project Management, Contractors, suppliers and inspection offices. As well as to verify implementation and effectiveness of EPC and FEED Contractor quality systems in accordance with contract requirements; ISO 9001:2008 and the applicable quality plan(s) and associated procedures for all phases of the program or Project.

Key Responsibilities and Duties

  • Implement and maintain an overall Quality Management System for Program FEED, ProjectFEED andEPC phases of the Project.
  • Contribute to the comprehensive integration and support of all quality activities during all phases of the
  • project.
  • Participate in the development and review of project-specific quality requirements of all contractor bidpackages, requisitions, purchase orders and inspection activities including materials and equipmentrequirements and in all evaluation and qualification activities.
  • Monitor, assess and report on the Project Quality Management Systems of all project membersincluding Owners, Licensors, Project Management Contractors (PMC’s) and EPCs to ensure adequacyand effectiveness.
  • Record, report and track all issues identified as a result of all monitoring activities including inspections,
  • testing and assessments performed both internally and external to ensure appropriate resolution.
  • Review Contractor quality plan(s) and assessment and management review schedules and results.
  • Ensure all inspectors are suitably qualified for assigned inspection activities.
  • Ensure review of manufacturing special processes as specified in applicable contract requirements.
  • Review Inspection Assignment Packages and ensure source inspections at vendor shops are performed
  • in accordance with approved inspection and test plans (ITP) of purchase orders.
  • Review inspection reports and communicate results to affected parties as required.
  • Participate in Contractor internal assessments and perform Contractor external assessments.
  • Identify, communicate and participate in resolution of issues resultingfrom all review, monitoring andassessment activities.
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