Suvic Oy’s subsidiary Suvic AB has signed a BoP contract to build two wind farms in Sweden

Suvic has signed a Balance of Plant contract to build Storhöjden and Vitberget wind farms (the “BoP”). The BoP is valued at about approximately SEK 560 million, and it is the first major project in Sweden for Suvic. The work will be carried out by Suvic AB, a wholly owned Swedish subsidiary of Suvic Oy.

With this contract the pre-works agreement, that was announced September 7, 2023, materialized to a full BoP contract consisting of both wind farms. The now-signed contract is conditional to the contractual partner’s separate Notice to Proceed.

Storhöjden and Vitberget wind farms are located in the municipality of Kramfors and are a part of the High Coast project. The plan is to build 46 wind turbines, with 22 located in Storhöjden and 24 in Vitberget. The aim is to try to maximize the number of bedrock anchor foundations by optimizing the location of lifting platforms together with road alignments as a part of the infrastructure design. The wind farms are expected to be completed and ready to use by the end of 2025.

The BoP includes design work, building of roads, lifting platforms, foundations, internal grid groundworks and a communications network. Suvic has already completed some design, field surveys and preliminary road alignments in Storhöjden as part of the early works agreement.

The BoP is being made with Adalen and HC Wind – SPVs launched by Renewable Power Capital Ltd. (RPC). Headquartered in London, RPC is backed by CPP Investment Board and was founded in 2020 to develop, construct, own and operate renewable energy and industrial scale storage projects across Europe.

“We were convinced by Suvic’s references in the field of wind farm construction in Finland and therefore chose them as our partner in the High Coast project”, states Andrés Iturriaga, the construction project manager for RPC.

The CEO of Suvic Oy, Mr. Ville Vesanen, tells that expansion to the Swedish market has been one of the key targets for the company since its incorporation. “We are very pleased about the trust the RPC has shown us in this significant project. It represents to us an important step towards strong presence in the Swedish market.”