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03/06/2024 | Press Release
Dovre joins the Pyhäsalmi renewable energy consortium’s 85 MW BESS solution

Dovre Group joins the Callio renewable energy consortium in Pyhäsalmi consisting of three separate projects. Dovre’s first commitment is to participate in developing an 85 MW Battery as an Energy Storage System (BESS) adjacent to …

20/12/2023 | Press Release
Suvic Oy’s subsidiary Suvic AB has signed a BoP contract to build two wind farms in Sweden

Suvic has signed a Balance of Plant contract to build Storhöjden and Vitberget wind farms (the “BoP”). The BoP is valued at about approximately SEK 560 million, and it is the first major project in …

12/09/2023 | Press Release
Dovre Group awarded frame agreement with The Norwegian Ministry of Finance

Dovre Group Consulting and Institute of Transport Economics together with Dovre Group Energy have been awarded a frame agreement with The Norwegian Ministry of Finance for supply of external quality assurance for large public projects …


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