Regulatory Compliance & Classification Engineer – Dubai


Role Summary

The Regulatory Compliance & Classification Engineer reporting to Regulatory Compliance & Classification Lead will be an integral part of AIP Project Team, working collaboratively within the AIP organisation, systems, procedures, and methods. This role has been identified as a “Key Position” within Baleine project organization of AIP.


The Regulatory Compliance & Classification Engineer is responsible for following up regulatory compliance and classification activities for both the FPSO and the FSO in line with current laws and regulations, agreements with client and contractor, project Regulatory Compliance Plan (RCP).


A key task is to follow up DNV Classification under the Integrated Servoce Contract in place with DNV and specially the DNV vendor package follow up (CMC). Additionally, there will be required to ensure coordination of the PLANC Register to ensure we have the required permits and licences in place before entering Ivory Coast.   

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